Why Branded Software isn’t the Best

Wondering which IT solution provider you should choose?

Here’s the thing: The most straightforward choice might be branded IT services. But those aren’t always the best alternatives. Instead, you can choose a service that is more cost-effective and works better for your needs. Here’s how.

Love brands? Here’s why branded IT solutions aren’t always your best option

We all love brands when it comes to bags, clothes, cars. The thing is: They usually get better with time. We know that a BMW is a quality car and that Chanel bags will preserve their value and quality many years from now.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with ITsolutions.

This is especially the case with legacy applications, which haven’t been invested in for more than ten years. That’s right, and they offer the same types of features as they did ten years ago, whereas the world has moved on and your needs aren’t anything like what they would have been many years ago.

Why your IT solution provider should focus on other things than branding

Most IT solutions become more complex and expensive with the time. Why? Because IT companies need to keep updating their product to continue charging their customers.

After all, the software isn’t like a car or a brand that has a specific function. Instead, the software is an open space that you can keep adding to.

After creating the product, innovative IT companies start improving their current features. The software gets pleasant after a couple of iterations or releases. After 3–5 years, the software gets its perfect shape, and IT companies start facing a dilemma of how to justify additional upgrade fees to their existing customers.

That’s when the application gets complex. Most IT companies start adding new features that aren’t needed and might add no apparent value. These companies add them to charge more and to justify the renewal and upgrade fees.

In the end, you pay more and don’t get anything extra in return. You’re paying for the brand, not features or functionalities.

But what can you do instead? Here’s how to find the right IT solution provider.

**How to find the best IT solution providers **

Instead of branded IT solutions, the best alternative is to buy innovative software that’s new and stable. But how do you find these providers?

After all, that’s one of the biggest reasons you buy branded items — because you know where to find them and you know that they work.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.

Enterprise market stores will give you access to hundreds to innovative solutions that work for your needs.

These IT solutions are already rated by customers to overcome the issue of needing to buy brands as the only way to trust these products.

Want to find your IT solution provider today?

There you have it. Now you know why branded IT solutions aren’t always your best alternative and what you should look out for instead.

What it comes down to is finding a solution provider that offers reliable alternatives that are both cost-effective and provide value for the money you pay.

Want to start finding the best IT solutions? Take a look at our large enterprise market store.

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