Multiple Systems & User Adoption

“User adoption of our systems has been our greatest challenge yet.”

If we had a dirham for every time we heard this from our customers, we’d be swimming in a pool of coins. As organizations go digital, they face several challenges. Most of these challenges revolve around user adoption of systems because of the hassle related to:

• Signing into multiple applications • Having to manage inputs on several systems • Wasting time getting redirected to different applications • Getting overwhelmed receiving notifications from several sources • Not knowing what application to use for certain things

This is why we believe users end up neglecting these systems or continue to struggle with using them, which frustrates customers who have spent millions on state-of-the-art software applications. Rightfully so.

We have discovered that the root of every challenge in user adoption is creating a hassle-free, enjoyable user experience. Key word: USER EXPERIENCE If users don’t enjoy/find it easy to use something, they will simply stop using it, much to the dismay of their employer. They will find it easier to revert back to the “original/old” way of doing things, which will eventually play a huge role on their productivity. Having found the problem, we came up with the solution!

StemeXe for Integrated Apps; a one-stop shop platform bringing together all of an organization’s digital systems under one, neat, user-friendly interface through both mobile & web. This platform fills the space between your applications and your users, allowing you to keep all of your current applications, but present a unified interface for users.

Besides its core features, StemeXe for Integrated Apps can connect with just about any backend application with an API to allow it to read from, and write to, organizational systems. This includes systems built on SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, etc. Other modules that can be plugged into StemeXe include Activity Management, Project Management, Dashboards, Learning Management, and more.

This ensures that whatever module needs to be covered for your organization is covered under one platform for all users.

What are the core elements? Engage, Educate, Automate, Connect

Engage: Multi-channel engagement tools guarantee that users will never be lost or unsure. • Announcements • Agent-led chat • Integration with chatbots • Events

Educate: StemeXe has multiple features to support customers in educating end-users & storing documents. Whether you are educating about automation, processes, services, or the company itself, StemeXe provides the tools: • Tutorial module • Quiz module • Online training • Product libraries

Automate: StemeXe’s no-code, automation core allows customers to automate processes and requests in a matter of minutes. Processes can be tracked by both requestors and admins and can be resolved on the go. • Create an approval workflow • Assign approvers • Attach documents • View status of requests

Connect: StemeXe can connect to ay back-end application with an API.

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