Business Necessities During a Crisis

What makes up an organization? Its employees. Employees working on their own are just individual assets that can hit roadblocks in achievement and productivity — if they don’t form a collective force. In essence, the underlying pillar of every organization is the network formed by communication and collaboration of its employees.

As we continue to come to terms with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing almost all organizations — of essential and non-essential industries — implementing means of remote working for their employees where possible. However, doing so requires a lot of coordination and communication between the employer and employees, which does not always go smoothly and uninterrupted with traditional means of communication.

Some of the communication challenges we are seeing now include:

  1. Misinformation; which can create a great deal of stress and uncertainty.
  2. Information not being conveyed quickly as employees are scattered in multiple locations.
  3. With updates coming in as frequently as every hour and companies having to amend their policies to adapt to the current situation, messages are not being delivered to employees as fast as they should.

These challenges have proved to us that as the world changes, we need to adapt in order to survive. Traditional communication channels like emails are not enough to convey important messages, namely announcements, that need to reach your employees immediately. Especially with how rapid changes in policies are coming in now as governments pass them, there is a risk that employees will not be able to keep track of them as they got lost in the midst of a pool of unrelated emails.

What organizations need is a centralized, dedicated announcement channel that brings information to employees immediately. iDenedi is an application specially designed for communication management through announcements.

Advantages of using iDenedi:

  • Using iDenedi guarantees announcements reach members at any time, and anywhere.
  • iDenedi announcements are secure and will be viewed as a reliable source of information for your employees, eliminating all uncertainty.
  • Data is protected and will surely reach its intended audience.
  • iDenedi mimics social media and is intuitive and easy to use.
  • It offers an enjoyable user experience with a similar user interface to other popular social media platforms.
  • Unlike WhatsApp, iDenedi announcements do not get lost in a continuous flow of conversation.
  • One centralized mode of communication to keep employees’ focus where it needs to be.

What’s more, new employees/returning employees can keep track of the timeline of announcements as everything gets saved in chronological order as announcements are passed, therefore eliminating any confusion.

What can iDenedi offer you in terms of Communication Regulation?

iDenedi will enable you to create groups, invite selected members, pass private or public announcements, create subgroups to direct specific messages to, etc. These announcements WILL reach their target audience as they are prompted by a push notification to the employees.

Members of idenedi are also able to find contact information through browsing the profiles of group members and selecting their preferred mode of communication with them.

How can you ensure announcements are reaching their target audience?

Admins can check the reach of post by individual user. In other words, they can see who is opening the posts. During crisis, this allows them to be sure that users are viewing the information.

While the above are some of its top-rated features, that’s not all that iDenedi has to offer. Clickhere to learn about all the features of iDenedi.

Don’t let miscommunication be the fall of your business in these harsh times. Adapt to survive. Survive to grow.

iDenedi is a free communication regulation application. It helps you get well-connected with team members and gives you the option to specify when and how other