As we slowly go back to normal operations, manpower shortages might become a serious issue, especially for manufacturing and supply chains.

Automation, with the help of A.I., robotics, and the internet of things, will be a key alternative solution to operate manufacturing in addition to other operations.

The latest leader…

Now that everyone is suddenly working from home, technology adoption is more important than ever before. But just what is ‘technology adoption’? Technology adoption is defined as the acceptance, integration, and use of new technology within an organization (or society).

Why are technology adoption services suddenly some of the most…

“User adoption of our systems has been our greatest challenge yet.”

If we had a dirham for every time we heard this from our customers, we’d be swimming in a pool of coins. As organizations go digital, they face several challenges. Most of these challenges revolve around user adoption of systems because of the hassle related to:

• Signing into multiple…

It is January 2019, and like many an optimistic person, IT companies like us make up their list of resolutions. Much like the ‘lose more weight — eat better — exercise more — be healthier’ resolution for millions around the world, the same resolve pops up annually for us– without…

A critical success factor for companies worldwide

Strictly put, demand management is concerned with the processes organizations have internally to collect new ideas, supervise projects and needs to manage their portfolio. Components involved include projects, programs, & activities from previous and ongoing projects.

With the complexity that these components present, organizations might face challenges like:

  1. Insufficient insights…

Wondering which IT solution provider you should choose?

Here’s the thing: The most straightforward choice might be branded IT services. But those aren’t always the best alternatives. Instead, you can choose a service that is more cost-effective and works better for your needs. Here’s how.

Love brands? Here’s why branded IT solutions aren’t always your best option


IDenedi App

iDenedi is a free communication regulation application. It helps you get well-connected with team members and gives you the option to specify when and how other

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